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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casual Reading

Sit back, raise a brow, and casually absorb this post.

There is a certain amount mystery and eloquence that radiates off of one who is taking retreat behind the pages of a novel, newspaper, or any other published or unpublished work one might take interest in. The first impression one who is casually reading broadcasts to his peers, if any are present, is that of intelligence. If lacking the intellectual mien, one may not be considered truly classy. After the air of intellect has been formally established, possibly through the raising of a single brow and/or eye contact by a casual glance over the crest of the chosen work you seem to be absorbing yourself with, one may proceed to resume to his studies or invite the visitor to sit and have tea. But, you do not want to come off as too stern, a light chuckle may follow a part you have found humorous in the article of literature.

One must remember, before one seats himself and embarks on his journey through the pages of the chosen article of literature, he must find the right setting in which he might then be able to commence his casual reading. Obviously, if you have any knowledge of class, your personal library should do the trick. But, if you find yourself lacking a personal library, these should be the requirements:

If casually reading your thought provoking textual masterpiece indoors...

  • A fireplace should be present somewhere in the room
  • Rug made of zebra skin, from your days in the African Safari
  • An expensive leather chair
  • A matching leather ottoman
  • The only source of illumination can be from the fireplace and a candle
  • A Robe
  • A side table, on which sits your cup of tea or coffee, a pack of skittles, and your pipe
  • A grandfather clock
  • A grand piano, possibly an organ
  • Wallpaper that corresponds your attire 
  • A picture or painting of your sailboat hanging on the wall, framed
  • Electrical lighting is only acceptable if one must snap, or clap, twice to turn off and on the lights.
  • The only picture book you should have in the room, is a book of pictures of words

Though not a requirement, it is strongly suggested for your relaxation that it be raining outside, for the echo of each droplet is a comforting note within nature's melodic masterpiece we call, rainstorms. Sipping on a glass of wine is also strongly advised.

If absorbing the brilliantly written words of your reading outdoors, one needs...
  • A shady tree
  • A cool, yet comfortable, breeze
  • It is a must birds be chirping
  • A nicely located wooden bench
  • A hedge maze
  • A far off mountain range where one can look up to in wonderment and periodically reflect on the reading 

A wonderful example of a wonderful man being wonderfully 

casual in his reading
 So in conclusion, worry less about the appearance you give to others while reading and more about the reading itself. If you read casually, you will radiate class and others will look on in awe as you grow in intelligence and suaveness.

Stay Classy,

William and Walter
 W & W
Quadruple U