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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Its brilliant light illuminates the mysteries of the sea. 
Its grand stature keeps watch over treacherous waters. 
Its iconic  appearance is timeless.

      There is an aura of mystery and yet, comfort, that is brought forth by a lighthouse's presence. Whether witnessed in an artist's rendering or experienced through ones life, lighthouses have been thought provoking figures for centuries. Today, lighthouses do not offer much in terms of guiding vessels to safety. But the void left by lighthouses' lack of functionality in today's world is replenished by various elements of unadulterated class.
  • Each lighthouse is like a diary, whispering to us all the fascinating things it has witnessed since its birth upon a rock. Tales of successful guidance to the shore and recollections of the constant hard work put forth to maintain the lighhouse are woven into its cylindric architecture.
  • A lighthouse does not hide. Its brilliant lamp sits upon a statuesque base, reminding the coastline of its protective nature.
  • And most importantly, a lighthouse is timeless. They are mighty testaments to the boundary between the land we reside on and the treacherous waters we valiantly explore.
    A lighthouse kisses the sky and hugs the coast with all its splendor. 
    Seldom does a man made object grace this earth with such a classic nature. In its silence and humility, a lighthouse manages to tell so much with a great deal of pride. The horizon and a lighthouse collaborate to create a wonderful panorama, for they need each other like you need this blog. In summation, lighthouses enhance a coastline's scenery where most works of human hands fall short of complementing any landscape, leading us to the conclusion that a lighthouse is, without argument, a finer thing.

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