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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inaugural Class Connoisseurs' Certificate of Excellence Awarded to Awardee Excellently Due to His Excellence

       Once in a lifetime an honor as fine as the Class Connoisseurs' Certificate of Excellence is bestowed upon a very special individual. While the award will always be an imperfect attempt to quantify class, the Certifcate serves as our highest form of honoring someone or something that has so greatly given to and reflected the fields of Class and swagger through their actions and accomplishments. An indomitable will to abolish  psuedoclass, a demonstration of both boldness and finesse, and a completion of every Casual Summer Activity are among the qualities the selection committee looks for in an awardee.

       With that, we, the Class Connoisseurs, proudly presented Samuel Finney with the inaugural Certificate of Excellence on Friday June 29, 2012 Anno Domini.

Quadruple U  flanks recipient Sam Finney

We wish him the best of luck as he moves on to serve our great country.We look forward to the future recipients. Let the competition begin.

Stay Classy,

William & Walter
Quadruple U