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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Types of People that There are Only Two Kinds of in the World...of Classiness

With many people in today's society yearning to display their individuality, we, the class connoisseurs, would like to reiterate that in high society, any single person can be stripped to their basic behaviors and be put into one of two groups. See where you are in the following list.
  • Those who wink with the left,and those who wink with the right
  • Those who wear bow ties, and those who wear normal ties.
  • Those who aren't not classy, and those who are classy.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Those who complete their sentences, and those
  • Those who read Class Connoisseurs, and those of have Class Connoisseurs read to them.
  • Those who tie their shoes every time they sport their shoes, and those who leave them tied for what is seemingly a lifetime.
  • Those who can tell time by the sun's position and those who wear fine wrist watches.
  • Those who give firm handshakes and those who don't have hands due to a bull fighting accident back in college.
  • Those who are in touch with their deepest emotions and thoughts and those who's countless philosophical revelations throughout the course of their lives has exhausted the mind from searching for new view points of the world and is content with living life one moment at a time.

Stay Classy,

William and Walter
W & W
Quadruple U