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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

The Creation Story

Unearthed from the recesses of our subconsciouses in mid-March 2010, the Class Connoisseurs' Guide to the Finer Things finally arose after years of incubation on the back burners of our brains. Our minds acted as the flint stone while our numerous inspirations acted as the kindling, and instantaneously a bonfire was born. As the once intangible idea began to develop, it took its roots in the internet, a fertile ground that allowed for growth and prosperity. 

The Class Connoisseurs' Guide to the Finer Things aims to educate the mal-informed in matters of class and taste while planting a seed of appreciation of finer things into the reader's conscience. We seek to rekindle a love for those things that know no age in a society that aggressively progresses without retrospect. Our vocation to depreciate  trendiness and obliterate psuedoclassiness has been founded on common grounds with many a classy folk. Ladies, Gentlemen, classy people, and the class yearning peoples of the world are welcome to read and follow two Class Connoisseurs guiding the world to classiness one blog post at a time.


William and Walter
Quadruple U

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