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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Small Dishes at Expensive Restaurants with Unnecessary Sauce Designs and the Significance of Parsley to Make Them Look Even Better

I sometimes wonder what the chef's were thinking when they decided to make the food look more appealing by adding parsley on top, making the portions smaller, and artistically spreading the sauce around the piece of food; and while they're at it, why not drive up the price a few more bucks for all the extra effort they put in to making your food look good. Now, contrary to popular belief, aesthetically appealing food is just as important as great taste. Ask everyone who's anyone in the world of classiness and they will have to agree with me on this one, your food has gotta look just as classy as you do.

Feta Cheescake with Port Poached Figs
Why not add a little green to our cheesecake?

But the only way one may pull off the complete look of classiness while eating this is to be well dressed, know how to hold his fork correctly, and to have graceful, but stern head nod to all the other classy people that may pass you by.

But, sometimes, there needs to be a line drawn between creating real class and an attempt at creating class and I'm drawin' it. This picture shows an attempt.
Hmm... I think there is something wrong with my chocolate covered cheesecake....Oh ya, there's no chocolate on it. Maybe a better title could be "Cheesecake with Chocolate covered plate"

Does it really taste that much better in tiny portions with creative sauce designs? No.

Does it really look classy when you eat it? Yes.

So, "Small dishes at expensive restaurants with unnecessary sauce designs and parsley on top" are officially CLASSY