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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Aromatic Stimulants and the Proper and Improper Utilizations of Such

Aromatic Stimulant - Any fabricated smell able to be applied with the intention of increasing ones levels of class, courtship, or comeliness. 

A classy individual continuously expels certain fine qualities that construct their essence. One particular quality, odor, is an absolutely essential ingredient of the mien. It is an ingredient that is capable of exponentially  increasing one's courtly presence but, if improperly used, can sour the entirety of the mien one has worked so hard to create. Class is a sensitive scale, too much or too little of something can throw the delicate balance off very easily, and this has to be taken into account when one deals with Aromatic Stimulants.

A mist of class

Aromatic stimulants provide the one and only opportunity to appeal to a sense that no other article, item, or thing pertaining to class is able to, that sense is the sense of smell. Aromatic stimulants act as an aura, extending off one's corporeal body and into the air. And although one's suaveness can cause one to figuratively radiate class, aromatic stimulants do so in a literal manner.

We've devised a list to assist you in practicing the proper use of aromatic stimulants:
  • One should be alerted to a dilemma concerning your aromatic stimulants when others near you begin to faint, though on rare occasions this can be caused by an overabundance of charm.
  • Apart from harboring fabricated aromas, it is viable for one to expel figurative scents by conquering seemingly insurmountable ordeals or by having an unprecedented streak of favorable outcomes. 
    • e.g: the smell of victory and the sweet smell of success.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that if you simply ignore body odor, it will eventually part ways with your pits.
  • When appreciating the scents of others, it is considered classy to waft the smell to your nose rather than recklessly sticking your face in front of it. Why go to the smell when the smell can come to you?
  • Utilizing a consistent aromatic stimulant will create a unique bond between you and your aroma, producing an unmistakable identity. 

Thyne Class gods and goddesses have bestoweth upon us classy folk thy great gift of Aromatic Stimulants, and have charged us with thy duty of sporting thy gifts with due grace and reverence.

Yours in class,

William and Walter
W & W
'Quadruple U'

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The South


There is a place in this grand country of ours where the people are as kind and hard working as the land is majestic, where integrity and trust are nothing short of instinct, and most importantly, where class is abundant amongst its inhabitants. This place transcends its fine properties built of its beauty and history into a lifestyle anxiously embraced by its people. This place, is the South.

For those unclear on where exactly the South resides, the following picture should help clear up any mis-perceptions on where exactly the South is. After much persistent research and contemplation we, The Class Connoisseurs, have produced a rough estimate of where the South might be found:

We believe that this 'S' may stand for "South"... Very interesting indeed...

There is an unclear distinction between where exactly the North and South are to be separated, but this issue is utterly irrelevant. The South is much more than just a region of land; it is an attitude towards life. An attitude which arose from the deep depths of class that was first promulgated around the time of Manifest Destiny. Obviously an attitude can be neither regulated nor controlled by ones mere location on a map, so one needs not to fret..

As you, the reader, should already know, functionality of an article of class is key. It may well be the deciding factor in determining whether an article or item is classy or psuedoclassy. The South as a region has a unique climate and natural balance that requires one's wardrobe to accommodate many region specific articles of clothing. Items ranging from cowboy boots to seersucker pants are all products of and specifically tailored to the likes of the South. A Southern always possesses an acute understanding of occasion by occasion dressing.

If you seem to have the misfortune of physical location, that is you live outside of the South, we encourage you to look within yourself, examine your motives and life goals, and ask yourself these three simple questions:

  • Do I want to be classy?
  • Do I like classiness?
  • Don't I not want to not be classy?
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, the South may be the right place for you. We encourage you to look deeper into yourself and further your investigations by examining the plethora of opportunities the South presents.

The South's rich history resonates from the very beings of its inhabitants, who perpetuate the simplistic and wholesome, albeit sophisticated, knowledge of class. Optimism, always hanging on the tips of their tongues, serves as just another weapon in the immense arsenal of amiability, which complements the mien that makes the south, the South.

Stay Southern,

William & Walter
W & W
Quadruple U

Proud Southerners