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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Overabundance of Class Exposed to Earthlings by This Summer's Various Sporting Exhibits

The dawn of autumn approaches, and the summer creeps ever closer to its inevitable end. Those of us residing in the North Western hemisphere are being graced with weather of enticing and enthralling qualities that have drawn us from the shadows of stress and immobility and into the brilliant light that is physical activity of a care free nature. And as if these refreshing months had not been sufficient enough, we humans have already witnessed spectacles of great beauty and grace in the form of sport. Sport, contrary to the opinions of many confounded minds, is indeed a measure of class. When sport reaches its pinnacle of ability and skill, class radiates uncontrollably. This summer has been a testimony to that. Perhaps you need some analysis and insight of these events in order to fully comprehend their magnificence.

The World Cup:
-The greatest summation of patriotism
-The most severe tester of nerves
-The grandest asking of teamwork, spirit, and pride. 

For one month, emotions of ecstasy and agony mutually arose to fill the minds of fans and players alike. As humans, we have little decision but to appreciate the harmony and rhythm that drives a team to victory. To perform in such synchronicity and determination as to win a match on the biggest stage of all requires class and grace. The team captain leads ten fellow men to represent an entire country in a battle of strength, speed, and aggression. The effort and grit that players sacrifice echo the cries and adrenaline of Alexander the Great's conquering of the Persian Empire. Eventually, only one nation remained. The Spanish were fully deserved champions, as they overpowered and outclassed teams with the swagger of one thousand matadors.

-The epitome of tradition
-The ultimate hybrid of elegance and athletic ability
-The supreme demander of grace and composure

A little known and somewhat controversial fact is that wimbledon is in actuality a synonym of class. The amount of class that has oozed from the small London suburb of Wimbledon since 1877 is unmeasurable by even the most advanced technology and unfathomable by a majority of observers of the tournament. The grass courts that gently caress the bounce of the ball are as pleasing to the senses as the aromas of history and tradition that reek in Wimbledon's atmosphere. Then, there are the matches. Matches demand a level of mental and physical composer uncontested by any other sport. These matches take place in abundance every year, but one match this summer was so glorious that we have deemed it worthy of this class-gluten blog post. In what critics are labeling the greatest tennis match ever...
...John Isner and Nicolas Mahut put forth so much class that we, the Class Connoisseurs, have found that there are sparse words eloquent enough to worthily describe their feat. Like two equally ingenious generals plotting against one another's armies for decades on end until the last stroke of grace puts a halt to the madness, these warriors never ceased to expel class from their rackets in all eleven hours they played. These two individuals have set the standard for mankind in matters of sporting class.
And for that we say thank you, summer.
Stay Classy,

William and Walter
Quadruple U