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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Watch is Perhaps the Most Overlooked Accessory, As Well As One of the Finest

Time- Mankind's measurement of mortality, the scheduler of our daily actions, and the only true thing humans truly have possession of.

Also, its a number, and there are very few abilities out there more useful than being able to know this number at any given moment. That is why one who is classy must wear a wrist bound time incremental evaluation apparatus, or simply put, a wrist watch. Now you maybe asking yourself how a watch could possibly be classy. To answer that, I will in fact, not answer that....yet. Firstly, I will tell you, my class seeking reader, how and when a wrist bound time incremental evaluation apparatus is not a finer thing.
  • First off, digital watches, especially ones with an over abundance of features, are strongly discouraged from public events.
Your classy social life may be in tatters if seen with one of these anywhere that isn't an athletic facility.

  • Secondly, a cellular device does not count as a watch. That's just cheating.
So, onto the more appropriate ways to tell time:
  • Obviously, analog watches are classy. They are simple, elegant, and functional.
  • Now if you've been invited to a gala, the only acceptable option is a pocket watch tucked inside your suit
Sooooo classy
    • All sophisticated sophisticates know the sophistication behind a sophisticated hand crafted watch. However, there is one more alternative: The Sundial
Which of the following phrases sounds the classiest-
  • "I wonder what time it might be. Ah yes, I shall glance at my wrist."
  • "Oh dear, in accordance to this masterfully crafted pocket watch I'm holding, I must now depart.
  • "I ponder what hour and minute it is at this moment. Excuse me as a swing into my outside quarters to observe my sundial.
Clearly, the sundial is the classiest and finest of all time measuring instuments.

Stay Classy