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Finer Facts

Finer Facts:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Creation Story

A few things you're probably wondering right now "What is this?", "What the hell is a connoisseur?"(for those lacking an extensive vocabulary) and "Why would they even make this?"

All good questions. Lets start with the first. This is very hard to answer since this is not just about one thing, this is truly a compilation of two great minds that think alike and use their God given talents in deciding what is straight up classy and what's is psuedoclassy to set the standard in classiness today. Imagine this post as the first book of Genesis in the Class Bible.

Now on to the question about connoisseur (which is pronounced kon-uh-sur). According to Dictionary.com connoisseur means "an expert judge in matters of taste". Not only is this the definition I would use to describe myself, and my partner, it also gives the reader the assurance that these guys know what the hell they're talkin' 'bout.

To answer the last question "Why would they even make this?". Our answer is "Why not?"
We are doing our part in society to educate people...about classiness, because every good member of society should know that buttoning up all the buttons on your Polo is never acceptable.
Plus, best case scenario we end up like this guy:
not likely, but it's never bad to have high hopes.

And as this post comes to an end, I'd like to leave you with this picture:

"Stay classy my friends"